Comic Strip Drawing,  Hip Hop Dance, Strings, Harps.

JUNE 22th, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th 2020

Notes: Children age 5 and 6 are welcomed.

We have a strings group for adults. (9hoo-2:30 pm)

Junior Thirteen Strings program will take place again in the camp this year. (Advanced Strings Group)

We are working on possible car pooling for people from Stittsville and Barrhaven. Please e-mail me  brigitteamyot@gmail.com

Dear students,

welcome to our artistic camp’s 17th edition. This camp will focus on the chosen artistic option, and the various disciplines will be taught by experienced teachers.

Strings, Harp, Hip Hop Dance and Comic strip Workshop.

WHEN: June 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th 26th 2020

WHERE: Ecole Trille des Bois, 140 Genest, Vanier, Ottawa. (to be confirmed)

HOURS: from 9:00 AM till 4:30 PM

FEES:  registration fee 35$ + 230$ = 265$ (includes last’s day’s pizza lunch)

BEFORE AND AFTER CARE 7:45-8:45 am/ 4:30-5:30pm Please add 20$ for the week

FRIDAY JUNE 26TH: Special day and pizza lunch: pizza, veggies and dip, salad, Popsicle, water, juice, soft drinks and chips. This is a pyjama day for those who wish to do so.


REGISTRATION: Registrations are starting as of  February 4th. Please note there are limited places in some programs.

The string’s groups will be formed based on the information given on the registration sheet. That’s why it is very important to tell us as much as possible about your repertoire and sight reading skills. Teachers are invited to contact us if they have questions.

Registration fee (35$) and Material fee (40$) are not refunded. There will be no refund one week prior to the camp unless for a serious reason.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please contact Brigitte Amyot at 819 776-1026 or

PROGRAMS TO CHOOSE FROM: all programs are bilingual

Dance, Strings and Harp programs are mixed programs for children under 12 years old. Advance Strings Group, Adult’s group and Comic Strip Workshop are not mixed programs.

Dance hip-hop 6 to 8 /9-10 years old ( Dance, Violin, Arts)

Harp 1 (7 years old and up) beginners ( Harp, Dance, Arts)

Harp 2 (7 years old and up) already taking lessons and own a harp ( Harp, Dance, Arts)

Drawing (Bande dessinée) Comic Strips 9 to 15 years old

Strings (violin, viola, cello and double-bass) 5 and up

many groups to choose from:

A) Introduction to strings: 5-6 years old/ 7-9 years old ( violin, dance, Arts)

B)   Primary ensembles : 7 to 11 years old/ 1 to 2 years of playing/ none to weak sight reading. ( violin, dance, Arts)

C)  orchestras: children and teenagers 8 and up (can play and read) (grade 2 to 6 RCM of Toronto) ( violin, dance, Arts)

D)  teenagers more advanced/special program (Grade 7 and up Royal Conservatory of Toronto)

E) Adults’  group (Grade 1 to grade 6 Royal Conservatory of Toronto)

note: adults finish at 2:30pm

*please note that these letters are helping us define the groups and at some point some of these groups are put together to form a big ensemble.

PRIVATE LESSONS: optional (Strings, Harps) Please add:

1×30 min. = $20 (strings) 30$ (harps)  / 1×45  min.= $30  (strings) 45$ (harps)

2×30 min. = $40 (strings) 60$ (harps) /  2×45 min. = $60 (strings) 90$ (harps)

3×30 min. = $60 (strings) 90$ (harps) /  3×45 min. = $90 (strings) 135$ (harps)

4×30 min. = $80  (strings) 120$ (harps) /4×45 min. = $120 (strings) 180$ (harps)


Each period is sub divided depending on the chosen artistic program and the age of the students. 

7:45-8:45 am         Before care

8: 45                       Arrival

9: 00-10:15             First period

10: 15-10:35           Break (outside, weather permitting).

10: 40-11:20           Second period or activity* (in a different discipline or special activity).

11:20-12:00            Second or third period.

12: 00-12:45 pm     Lunch (outside, weather permitting)

12: 50-1: 30 pm      Third period or activity*(in a different discipline or special activity)

1:30-2:30pm           Third or fourth period.

2: 30 pm-2:45pm    Break (outside)

2:45 pm-4:30 pm   Activities:  / Private lessons / Arts and crafts, /outdoor play and games.

4:30 pm- 5:30 pm   After care


Music students: your instrument, your music stand, a hard cover binder and a pencil. Instruments are provided for beginners.

Dance students: a pair of good and clean running shoes.

Drawing  students: everything is provided but you can bring your own material.

EVERYBODY: lunch and snacks in proper containers (the fridge is off limits and no micro-wave oven), a water bottle, hat,  sunglasses, sunscreen and your smile. Please identify your belongings.


* For more information, please contact us at brigitteamyot@gmail.com

*Ce camp est un camp bilingue.

*Don’t forget the Ottawa Youth Orchestras Academy camp (July 6th-17th)

Please fill in the registration form and send it with your payment to: Brigitte Amyot, 284 Boulevard Riel, Gatineau, J8Z 1A9 (post-dated cheques to April 1st are accepted.)


HARPS (harps 1 and 2)

Teacher: Jessie Fleet

Welcome to young harpists or future harpists 7 years old and up. We are offering a beginners’ program (Harps 1) and a special program for harpists with some experience (Harps 2). Please note that harps will be provided* for beginners but the others will have to bring their own instrument. They will be locked up at night if you wish to leave them there overnight. To rest the fingers, there will be other activities alternating with the classes.

note: a fee (maximum 40$) might be added to rent the harps for beginners.

Private lessons are available: 30 min. = 30$ / 45 minutes = 45$


Welcome to violinists, violists, cellists and double-bass players 5 years old and up.
Private lessons: all strings players may choose to take a few private lessons.
30 min. = 20$ /45 min. =30$

Our teachers: Yvrose Philippe Auguste, Chantal Paitich, Jean-François Marquis,  Stéphanie Belzil, Brigitte Amyot. (a few more to be announced)

many groups to choose from:

A) Introduction to strings: 5-6 years old/ 7 years old and up

B) Primary ensembles : 7 to 11 years old/ 1 to 2 years of playing/ none to weak sight reading.

C) Orchestras: children and teenagers 8 and up (can play and read) (grade 2 to 6 RCM of Toronto)

D) Teenagers more advanced/special program (=grade 7 and up Royal Conservatory of Toronto)

E) Adults’ group

A) INTRODUCTION TO STRINGS (5-6 years old)(7-8 years old)
We will learn the basics to play the violin and some rhythmic formulas. Also we will have some dance classes, percussions workshop and Arts and Crafts projects for a complete artistic workshop well structured and a lot of fun.

* a 25$ fee might be added to rent cellos for beginners.


These small strings ensembles are for students who have been taking private lessons for at least a year. It is designed to encourage and improve their sight reading abilities, using pieces with two or three different voices and games that make reading fun. We will introduce some basic theory and rhythmic formulas. This year, we are adding special activities in between strings classes. These groups will be joining other groups at some point to create a big ensemble.


Strings orchestras regrouping different levels (the music parts are given to match the musician’s level).
Our program will encompass different genre. We will introduce some theory and rhythmic formulas. We will have group and sectionals rehearsals, and for some pieces, we’ll combine a few groups together. We will also have some cello group classes. This year, we are adding special activities in between strings classes.

D) ADVANCED  PLAYERS                                                   

This group is for Instrumentalists grade 7 and up of Royal Conservatory of Toronto. We will look at technique, repertoire, style, Chamber Music.

E) ADULTS’ GROUP (5 to 8 people)

Mixed levels small group (the music parts are given to match the musician’s level). Our program will encompass classics (Bach, Mozart and others), light classic, waltzes and some fiddling. We will work on some bow technique, left hand gymnastic and vibrato.


(only 20 places available)
Teacher: Michèle Amyot

Description: Mixture of movements from “rap” and “hip-hop” dances on rhythmical and popular music. Very varied movements, most steps are standing up, structured according to very definite dance techniques.

We are offering a complete dance accessible for boys and girls from 7 to 15 years old, beginners or experienced. You will have a lot of fun learning different dance techniques which could be used in your future development.

Coordination (feet, arms, head and body), flexibility, rhythm, mobility, concentration, team work, self confidence, individual artistic personality. For this class you must bring clean running shoes that will remain in the classroom. Wear comfortable clothes.

BD WORKSHOP (9 to 15 years old) (20 places only)

Teacher: Carle Amyot

(see his website) http://www.carleamyot.com/#!illustrationsdessins/cjtb

Description: Creation of Comic strips

Concepts: History of Comic Strips, panning, wide shot, close-up, medium close-shot, tight shot, medium shot.

Comic Strips process: Brain Storming, screenplay, writing plan, layout, board, inking.

Drawing technique: pure contour, modified contour, geometric synthesis, portrait from photographs, contrast drawing, rapid sketch.

Styles: American, “Superdude”, Japanese”Manga”,Belgian.

Explored tools: pencil (Slaeder Mars lumograph 8b to 4h), pen and ink, graphic pen, blue pencil, stump tool, eraser.

Please note: For this Workshop, classes will be given mostly in French but the teacher is bilingual and can communicate in English with the students.  For this class you don’t need to bring anything. You may choose to bring your own tools. Please identify your belongings.